B2B Management Consulting services equilibrium

The business network is built on push and pull dynamics to increase sales. Today, management consulting relies heavily on push mechanics in order to educate the business network of all the services and present thought leadership on various developments in the business community. How would a pull variation add to the growth of management consulting? When a client has a need, how do they best find the consulting firm that meets their requirements?

Let's take a look at how the internet has shaped the local consumer businesses in the past fifteen years. While each company (Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.) has had its fair share of controversies, as all businesses do, would we have supported such amount of local business growth if it wasn't for the transparency and credibility? Today, we are able to find a gourmet pizza restaurant that fits our cravings within minutes of perusing our favorite salivatory app/ website. Would that be possible without the disruption leveraging technology? Transparency and credibility in being able to find restaurants as we please for the occasion at hand has helped advance the restaurant industry. Can the same intent be mirrored for management consulting?

As we "productize" management consulting services, we look to see how the business community perceives the role of outside thinkers/doers. Can we drive transparency on the "productized" service? Can we leverage transparent knowledge and then build the proper business relationship with a professional goal in mind? Will a "pull" strategy help strengthen the management consulting industry by allowing clients have more insight into the service, the experience, and the firm? Will clients be more prepared to discuss the need and their vision when they make the first move? Will a client be able to translate their expected results and outcomes when they are in charge of purchasing the services?

Ultimately, will a "pull" strategy help offset the cost of "push" strategy that remains unclear for both the small and big consulting firms. Will "pull" strategy help consulting firms' resourcing outlook? Will it help in targeted sales based on capability and capacity? Will it help lower the cost of business development? Will it help consulting firms sell the services that provide the highest margin for their expertise?

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