Evolution of Business Development (BD) in Management Consulting

Management Consulting has long been a respected area within our business ecosystem. With technology, consulting has gained traction to provide an array of clients with capabilities to excel in their competitive space, but how is technology affecting the consulting industry? Providing exceptional value and “out-of-the-box” strategy and solutions are an uphill battle with knowledge being readily available. Business Development (BD) and the sales process for management consulting services is becoming unfamiliar as we approach the cross section of technology and professional services. Below areas highlighted will help us advance the management consulting industry.

Areas of Expertise: Clients are increasingly looking for depth of knowledge in their area of interest. It has become vital to have expertise in a functional area, technology, industry, or a combination. The level of specialization required has increased and this is the trend at an individual consultant level and at a firm level.

R&D and Proprietary tools: As noted above, research and development help build collateral that is compelling and valuable to a firm’s marketability. Ability to brand a firm within a specialty becomes obvious as they deliver valuable content for the market.

Partnerships & Alliances: In the business network where connectivity has become increasingly complex and closely tied, it is but inevitable to build partnerships and alliances with complementary businesses.

Answer the client’s question: Bring the right team to the table to answer questions. Very often, the client wants to hear the depth of knowledge and experience. The client has thought about the opportunity much more than the time allowed for you to digest the question, hence detail is a must.

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