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What is MECE Inc.?

We are an online platform to buy and sell consulting services. On MECE Inc., consulting firms can showcase their profile and detail their functional and industry experience to allow for potential clients to come to you with their need. We all know that when the client has a clear need and expectation, the project is off to a good start!

Who are we?

Our executive team has Big Four management consulting experience and Big Five (FAANG) technology company experience. A blend of consulting with e-commerce, and a blend of business with technical knowledge helps us bring you a realistic product to reduce the inefficiency in the business development/ sales cycle of management consulting. We are committed to helping you lead with your best foot forward with each client's need.

Why MECE Inc.?

We want your team to focus on delivering exceptional work to various clients. We want to make sure you always show your best side each and every time for the opportunity. With MECE Inc., our goal is to allow consulting firms to claim their niche and drive value with confidence. Allow clients to come to you with requests.

How does MECE Inc. work?

MECE Inc. is a two-sided B2B platform to allow for buying and selling consulting services. Consulting firms with a profile will be showcased when clients search for various needs. The result is sorted on (1) services searched for by the client, (2) experience and specialties reported by the consulting firms, and (3) rating by past clients. While the sort results are based on a proprietary algorithm, we make an active effort to showcase the consulting firm that can best fit the client's need. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our algorithm.

Want to learn more?

Contact us at info@meceinc.com with any questions/ feedback/ or just an introduction!

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